Long Term Capital

We support the leaders
of 4th industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 seed fund

Typically, we invest around EUR 250K. If necessary, we are able to bring top-tier co-investors to the table if a bigger ticket is needed.


Few VC's understand that founders are the ones that run the companies. We are there to help, not to replace.

Heavily networked

With contacts across the globe, we are the bridge between great companies from the CEE and bigger funds and clients from rest of the world.

Focused on CEE

In the upcoming years we will invest in around 40 companies in Central and Eastern Europe, with Poland being the main site of our investments.

Our vision

Everything will change in the long run.

The constantly progressing digitalization, new business models, big data and AI implementation, on-demand production and new cybersecurity threats. All of this will change the way we live, buy and consume goods. It will literally change the world as we know it today.

We want to find and support the future leaders of that change. With approximately EUR 12 million under management, we are going to invest into around 40 hand-picked teams at the pre/seed stage that we will support in the long run.

Our focus

Simply put - products/services that are the foundation of Industry 4.0


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • solutions based on big data
  • cyber-security
  • robotics, drones
  • digitalization
  • AR/VR


  • Internet of Things for business applications
  • smart city/smart buildings
  • smart grid
  • energy related technologies
  • circular economy
  • predictive maintenance
  • production on demand, mass customization,3d printing
  • solutions that improve logistics
  • new business models - like marketplaces, SaaS
  • biotechnology
  • medicine

Not what but who

Who we are looking for:

We invest in great teams. You might not know everything, you might still be looking for your product market fit, you might be at the MVP stage. But you must be a team willing to spend the next few years transforming your vision into reality through blood, sweat and tears.

Ability to listen

Socrates said "I know that I know nothing" - we value open-minded founders who listen to different arguments and are able to validate them fast as hypotheses. After all, it doesn't matter whose argument or idea it was. What should matter is if it works or not.


In general we don't invest in teams that are running multiple ventures. Of course there are individuals able to run a few companies at the same time, but you can't build Google, Apple and Facebook simultaneously. We need you to commit your time and mind.

Lean attitude

It's almost certain that right now there are a few teams across the world which are building something very similar to what you are doing. You need to be able to put aside the backlog of 20 functionalities that you wanted to implement before going live and instead be able to check your assumptions as soon as possible. We love the pareto rule and lean approach. Great Example from buffer.com

Doers over talkers

The world is full of people who talk a lot about what they are going to do.

We like them, but we invest in people who, instead of talking, roll up their sleeves and get down to work.


We try to be as fast as possible.

Ideally, we would like to be able to either pass on an investment asap or - in case of being interested - invest within two months from the initial talks. Of course that could be different in specific cases - nonetheless, we try to act fast.

We value time - both yours and ours.

Our approach

Most important - we listen to you.

Believe us - it's a very rare ability among VCs. In order to help and support you, first we need to see your view, listen about the problems that you have and what solution you were thinking of. If you think that the VC will run your company and do things instead of you - you are wrong and we are not the VC that you are looking for. We will help you to be better, we will help your company to be better - by asking the right questions, looking for the answers with you, brainstorming about the quickest ways to validate your hypothesis and connecting you and your team with the right people.

We are your wingman. You lead - we support.

We add value through long-term commitment

Building great companies requires time - and we understand that. Although we invest at the pre-seed/seed stages we want to support you in the long term.

Our Investments

Companies and people behind them - we are proud to work with.



Advisero automates repetitive customer service cases by naturally answering even complex questions. While being passionate about BOT powered improvements and solutions, it doesn't want to build yet another simple tree chatbot designer. Instead, it focuses on one specific use case with real financial value where the customers can save literally millions in the first year of implementation.


Automade decreases entry barriers to Robotic Process Automation for organization, places a strong emphasis on the possibility of individual process automation by business users and the extension of robotization in small and large companies. By creating easy-to-use robots, it significantly simplifies implementation and robot handling, increases the satisfaction of employees who do not have to carry out monotonous tasks, and also speeds up processes and lowers the costs of their implementation


Bisonte designs, develops and implements advanced mechatronic devices capable of operating in harsh environments. The company was founded with the goal to provide the world with revolutionary robotic solution - an underwater drone with the variable-geometry hull.


QTIC.AI is first global digital Testing, Inspections and Certification company. Company deliver faster and cheaper, than traditional TIC companies, all kinds of inspection’s services for all industries. QTIC.AI worldwide network of inspection professionals is qualified with wide range of respected diplomas, certficates and codes that cover all industrial categories.


Husarnet is a peer-to-peer VPN network dedicated for robots, autonomous vehicles and industry 4.0 applications. It provides direct, private, fast, and extremely secure data link between connected devices such as: robots, servers, laptops, cell phones, microcontrollers and more.
Founders - Dominik Nowak, Filip Kramarczyk.


CyberStudio identifies potential security incidents in the area of user accounts by analyzing events in IT systems. In addition, the system significantly improves the way the security level of the IT infrastructure is controlled by identifying any irregularities that reduce the overall security level. This tool was created primarily for companies that do not have internal IT security management specialists, because hiring and maintaining a high-level cyber security expert is a challenge for them.


BioCam designs and manufactures an endoscopic capsule for imaging of the digestive system along with AI-powered software for automatic detection and real-time determination of potential threats. The company's goal is to reduce the cost of gastrointestinal examinations, increase patient comfort and popularization of capsule endoscopy.


Nethansa is the leading provider of AI-driven marketplace automation solutions and services. Their authorial software platform Clipperon increases the efficiency of Amazon shops. Clipperon is dedicated to retailers who want to run more efficient e-commerce. Nethansa is a certified service and technology provider approved by Amazon Service Provider Network and Amazon Marketplace Appstore.


Talkie is an AI-powered virtual agent, which uses natural language to provide phone customer service 24/7. It automates repetitive processes in call centers and significantly reduces costs. Talkie is also great at managing high volume campaigns where thousands of customers have to be reached in a short space of time.


SunRoof is an international start-up developing fully solar 2-in-1 roofs and facades with a vision to build an energy marketplace and enable its customers to manage their household energy needs and sell their excess energy to buyers in the marketplace. SunRoof builds a world free from carbon energy and inspires people to face climate change challenges. They strive towards building an environment-friendly world of the future.


GlobeKeeper was founded in San Francisco back in 2016 by Dan Peleg and Shai Slobodov with the mission of making the world a safer place. Dan & Shai leveraged their extensive experience in communication engineering to build GlobeKeeper. GlobeKeeper's products are being used by top agencies as well as Fortune 500 enterprises to manage their global safety and security operations. More than 4,000+ incidents have been resolved using GlobeKeeper keeping 50,000+ people safe worldwide.

Miesna Paczka

Fresh meat directly from producers to customers' doors - without additives, antibiotics, hormones or GMOs. So simple and yet - so hard. Meat frozen in the highest freshness point delivered in D2C model. Investment made with, among others - Żabka Polska [biggest chain of convenience stores in Poland].
Mięsna Paczka


Fyrtel is a platform that enables easy online shopping from local retailers. It allows users to purchase products from several shops in one basket, home delivery, and online payments. It also promote local retailers and their products. All this while strengthening local communities and providing a world-class experience. While others are chasing large accounts, Fyrtel is looking out for the mom-and-pop shops.

Smart Hotel

The SmartHotel system is a link between guests, hotel employees, and apartment owners. It does not require installing any additional applications - instead, it uses the most popular communication channels, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, to improve hotel service, enhance the guest experience and increase the owners' profits.
Smart Hotel


Frontu is a field service management software provider focusing on frontline field service workers. The company delivers a digital solution for field service companies that enables them to save time and resources, optimize business processes, and improve employee well-being.


The upmedic system is intelligent software for creating high-quality structured documentation accessible from a web browser. Company focus on meeting the ever-increasing demand for medical diagnostics by helping physicians make accurate patient treatment decisions faster.


Virbe is a Virtual Being creation suite licensed as technology-as-a-service, which transforms ConversationalAI and chatbots into interactive human-like avatars with natural voice and conversation capabilities. Virtual beings can work 24/7 on any kind of website, mobile app, or physical location (eg. kiosks) and are perfect for an autonomous customer experience.


Labplus develops technology using AI to improve medical diagnosis. The system uses a knowledge base, created by doctors with the support of medical schools and constantly expanded with the latest guidelines and scientific sources, to present possible diagnoses.

Good Sleeper

It is a scientifically proven app that allows you to go through a cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) program on your own, without a therapist. CBT-I is recommended as a primary treatment for insomnia by leading research centers. Unfortunately, many patients do not have access to this proven method and at the first symptoms of insomnia are referred to drug treatment. Good Sleeper focuses its activities on bridging this great gap between scientific knowledge and medical practice so that everyone can have access to the gold standard of insomnia treatment.
Terapia bezsenności

Join our portfolio

As you know, we're looking for great teams. We will not hide - we get a lot of projects. We read every e-mail, unfortunately, due to their number and the fact that at later stages we talk to dozens of companies at the same time, we actively respond only to some of the emails.

If you are looking for a good partner who will support your path to success - send a presentation to projects@ltcapital.vc

Our Partners

Movens Capital

Financial Partner

Movens Capital has put together a group of 20+ experienced tech- investors, entrepreneurs and experts, who contribute an extensive experience, network and own money to become Spiritus Movens of international expansion of carefully selected tech companies.
National Centre of Research and Development

Public Partner

National Centre of Research and Development is probably the biggest government agency in this region of Europe dedicated to support research and development.
Warsaw Univerisity of Technology

Scientific Partner

Warsaw University of Technology is not only the oldest, but also the best technical university in Poland. In the ranking of Polish universities, it has taken the first place in its category for nine years. Thanks to the people from the team responsible for commercialization of academia research - we have access to the world class deep tech experts in various fields of expertise.

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